Internet Services

For our corporate account clients, we are pleased to offer the added flexibility of submitting service requests over the Internet through our web site.

In a separate area of our site, accessible only after you have logged in to identify yourself, a series of simplified online forms allow transactions to be submitted. To save time, since we know the origin of the requests and where to send the responses, you don't have to key any of that information.

If you do not already have an established commercial account with us, you will need to complete an account application and then select your password to get set up. Then you can login by entering your corporate User ID and Password on our home page.

Benefits to you, our customer, include:

ACCESSIBILITY: Send requests from anywhere--even when you're not at the office. If you're at home in the evening and have Internet access, you can submit requests to us. For professionals on the go, equipped with a notebook computer, connect to any phone line and send us requests. You don't need forms--or even a pen--and our web site runs 24/7/365!

SPEED & CONVENIENCE: PPSA, Land Titles and some other requests can be responded to by e-mail with a viewable, searchable and printable digital document that looks identical to the printed version. Return e-mails include your original request and an attached response in Acrobat format. Other requests which require preprinted forms output can be faxed to you and the originals picked up or delivered to you.

Imagine -- no more wandering over to the fax machine to send us a request, watching to make sure it went through, then going back to the fax machine later to retrieve the search or whatever. Without leaving your desk, you can submit the request via our web site and the results will come back to your e-mail Inbox. You can print it out or view it and save it. If the hard copy gets lost you can simply reprint it.

FLEXIBILITY: All corporate online forms have a 'Comments' field for special instructions, in addition to default e-mail, phone and fax settings which can be overridden. Then, if you're out of the office and want us to call you on your cell phone, e-mail or fax you the results to a different place, we're able and happy to accommodate you.

ACCURACY: Sometimes, incoming faxes of handwritten requests can be hard to read. Certain combinations of letters and numbers can be easily confused. Entering the information via a keyboard eliminates that confusion. Even when you are not using the 'net, our printed forms are customized for each customer and utilize bar codes where possible to eliminate keying errors.

COST: There are no fees to get your password set up, nor are there any charges for customer support calls or e-mail questions relating to the use of our online services. Especially for companies outside the city or province, the savings from using Internet communications as opposed to telephone or fax can be substantial.

As a customer, you will find that we will do everything we can to ensure we provide consistently prompt and accurate services. The biggest factor in our success is our dedicated staff who, in the end, are the ones that make everything work for you. Get online TODAY by completing an account application and selecting your password.