Land Title Services

Land Titles records the ownership of all land in Alberta. Mortgages, caveats and all other encumbrances against property are also registered in this system.

Please note that Registry offices have read-only access to Land Titles data. They cannot update any information on the system -- only query, search and report on it. For example, if your mortgage was recently paid out, you cannot come to a Registry office to update the title on your property; only the Land Titles office can change the files. In Calgary they are located in the Land Titles Building, downtown at 710 - 4th Avenue S.W., phone (403) 297-6511. Once the data is updated, we can print you a new search which would reflect the current information.

Land Titles information -- by definition -- is not confidential. Corporate Account clients can login and submit requests through our web site.

Land Titles searches require the Legal Description (for an additional cost) of the property or its LINC (Land Information Numeric Code) Number. For many Alberta municipalities--including the City of Calgary--from the civic Street Address we can first do a Cross Reference search to obtain to the legal description. Many for rural areas are not online though, so expect some time delay completing your search if you do not have the Legal Description.

For commonly used forms, click here to get a complete list from the Alberta Government web site.