Personal Property

The Personal Property System of Alberta (PPSA) registers and tracks liens and encumbrances on property owned by individuals or businesses other than Real Property (real estate or land) -- see Land Titles for that.

PPSA searches can be done by serial number or by individual or business name.

The most common consumer example of a PPSA search would be a Lien Search on a used automobile. A more sophisticated search, the Vehicle information Report (VIR) is also available and provides more information. However, the VIR--if a lien is present--only shows there is a lien. In that case you may want to also do a Lien Search to get the details of it.

PPSA information -- by definition -- is not confidential. Corporate Account clients can login and submit requests through our web site.

- PPSA Forms -

Court Order, Other Changes and Additional Information

Debtor/Secured Party Additions

Debtor/Secured Party Deletions

Financing Statement

Financing Change Statement

Garage Keepers' Lien Financing Statement

General Collateral Additions

General Collateral Deletions

Global Financing Change Statement

Search Request for Expired/Discharged Registrations Number(s)

Serial Number Goods Additions