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Personal Property (APPRES)

The Personal Property System of Alberta (PPSA) registers and tracks liens and encumbrances on property owned by individuals or businesses other than Real Property (real estate or land) -- see Land Titles for that.

PPSA searches can be done by serial number or by individual or business name.

The most common consumer example of a PPSA search would be a Lien Search on a used automobile. A more sophisticated search, the Vehicle information Report (VIR) is also available and provides more information. However, the VIR–if a lien is present–only shows there is a lien. In that case you may want to also do a Lien Search to get the details of it.

PPSA information — by definition — is not confidential.

PPSA Forms:

  • Court Order, Other Changes and Additional Information
  • Debtor/Secured Party Additions
  • Debtor/Secured Party Deletions
  • Financing Statement
  • Financing Change Statement
  • Garage Keepers’ Lien Financing Statement
  • General Collateral Additions
  • General Collateral Deletions
  • Global Financing Change Statement
  • Search Request for Expired/Discharged Registrations Number(s)
  • Serial Number Goods Additions