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Alberta Photo ID

Alberta Government Photo ID in Calgary

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For those who prefer not to hold an Alberta Driver's Licence, the Alberta ID card is an excellent option available for up to a five-year term.


The minimum age to obtain an Alberta ID Card is 12 years old. Applicants under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Concurrent possession of both an ID Card and a Driver’s Licence from any jurisdiction is not allowed.

Replacing Lost or Stolen ID Card:

If your ID Card is lost, we can order a duplicate for a $Fee.

You’ll retain the same photo but will need to sign for the new card. To verify your identity, please bring alternate ID such as a birth certificate or passport, along with at least two pieces of mail.

Apply or Renew in Person:

For new applications or renewals, visit our regitryin person. Unfortunately, authorization by another individual is not possible.

Required Documents:

When applying for the Alberta Photo ID Card for the first time or renewing an expired one (after 6 months), bring government-issued photo ID, proof of residence, and proof of legal entitlement. Refer to our website for a list of acceptable support documents.

Get your Alberta Identification card today and enjoy the convenience and benefits it offers!