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Question: First-Time Registration of your Car
Answer:  If you buy a car that was previously registered in Alberta (not a brand-new car) it must be registered under your name.
The cost will be prorated to correspond with your expiry date.

You will be asked for 3 documents:

  • Bill of Sale (we can supply with a Bill of Sale form free of charge) or lease documents
  • Your proof of insurance (pink slip)
  • Identification

Generally your Driver’s License will be sufficient identification to prove that you are the person on the Bill of Sale.
If we find that the vehicle was previously “written-off” (known as “salvage”) by an insurance company and has that status on the system you’ll need to have it inspected by an authorized mechanic before registration can be completed.

A person under 18 years old must have parental consent to register a vehicle in their name.

If a vehicle is being registered jointly all parties should be named on the Bill of Sale and all parties should be present. If this is not possible the absent parties must sign an authorization letter that gives their consent to be included on the registration.

If you wish to have another person register the vehicle for you, the person named on the Bill of Sale must sign an authorization letter. This gives the person permission to register the vehicle on your behalf. Authorization letters can be faxed to (403) 235-2522.


Question: New Vehicle Registration
Answer: If you are registering a brand-new vehicle that has never been registered before you will be asked for the 3 documents

  • Bill of Sale (we can supply with a Bill of Sale form free of charge) or lease documents
  • Your proof of insurance (pink slip)
  • Identification
  • plus the New Vehicle Information Statement (NVIS). The auto dealership will provide you with the NVIS when you buy a new car. In this case a fax is not acceptable. You must bring in the original document and it will be retained by us.


Question: My Bill of Sale is in my wife’s name. Can I register the vehicle for her?
Answer: We require an Alberta government authorization for vehicle services form in order to process this transaction. You can obtain this document from us. You can pick it up, or we can email or fax it to you. You must have your spouse fill out the form prior to coming in to register the vehicle. The completed form must be an original or faxed/emailed directly from the party to our office.


Question: My Bill of Sale is in 2 names. Can I register or transfer the plate without the other party with me?
Answer: No, you must obtain an Alberta government authorization for vehicle services form from the party not present in order to process this transaction. The form must be original or faxed/emailed directly from the other party to our office. Or both of you must attend.


Question: In-Transit Permit
: This permit allows you 3- max 7  days to drive a vehicle from one location to another. If you are moving the vehicle within Alberta you must present your pink slip. If you are taking the vehicle in to or out of Alberta you must also provide a Bill of Sale.


Question: I received an error message when trying to renew my vehicle online, what do I do?
Answer: If you attempt an online renewal and receive an error message, this means that your renewal did not meet the conditions for an online transaction (sometimes it means there is a fine on the account). To troubleshoot your attempted transaction, you can contact us. Ultimately, if the online renewal isn’t working for you, you will need to visit a us to have your transaction processed.


Question: What conditions could cause a rejection of my renewal?
Answer: If you attempt to renew any of the following vehicle types or meet any of the indicated conditions, you may have your request rejected:

  • You have a fleet or company vehicles.
  • You have made changes to your address or other information on your vehicle registration within the past year.
  • Your registration has been expired for more than 12 months prior to today’s date.
  • There have been changes made to ownership and/or lease information.
  • You have outstanding fines, maintenance enforcement restrictions, or outstanding motor vehicle debt.


Question: How can I update or change my vehicle registration information?
Answer: If you wish to update or change this information, please visit us at our location.


Question: I renewed online. Where do I find a copy of my vehicle registration certificate?
Answer: Your new vehicle registration certificate will be available at our office for pick up, you will not need to wait in line. If you chose for us to mail it to you- it will be in mailed to you (Please ensure you give yourself ample time to receive new registration before old one expires, recommend 30 days prior to expiration))

Question: Can I print a copy of my digital vehicle registration certificate from My Alberta services?
Answer: You may print your vehicle registration certificate on plain white paper or present it on your mobile device.


Question: My registration has expired, and I am out of the province. What can I do?
Answer: You can have someone you know come into our office with a picture of your old registration and valid insurance and have them register it for you on your behalf.


Question: Is there a grace period for vehicle registration in Alberta?
Answer: Is there an Alberta registration renewal grace period? No. There is not a grace period. If you drive with an expired licence plate, you could face fines and late penalties.


Question: Does insurance and registration have to match in Alberta?
Answer: The address on your vehicle registration, vehicle insurance and driver’s licence should all be the same. You can get a ticket if these addresses do not match.


Question: How long do you have to renew your registration after it expires in Alberta?
Answer: Renew by mail: You should only use the mail-in renewal option if your registration expires in 30 days or more to allow time for mailing. If your registration will expire in less than 30 days from the expiry on your registration, renew your registration in person.


Question: How long can you drive a new car without registration in Alberta?
Answer: You can use your existing licence plate and vehicle registration on another vehicle for up to 14 days. You must also carry your proof of ownership document (Bill of Sale) and insurance until you transfer the registration and licence plate.


Question: Can a car be registered in one name and insured in another in Alberta?
Answer: An auto insurance policy is a contract; only the vehicle owner has an insurable interest. However, if the vehicle is registered under both names, both individuals can be listed and named as insured.

Question: How old does a car have to be to need an inspection in Alberta?

Answer: Most insurance companies require a safety inspection on vehicles 12 years old or older before the vehicle can be insured. Rates vary, so please contact your local shop for details.

Question: Do you need an inspection to register a vehicle in Alberta?

Answer: Alberta requires vehicle safety inspections to ensure that vehicles are maintained for safe operation. All vehicles last registered in another jurisdiction or declared salvage by an insurance company must undergo an inspection after repairs are completed and before they can be re-registered.


Question: Do you need insurance or registration first in Alberta?
Answer: You can’t register a personal vehicle in Alberta without first getting car insurance for it. Once you’ve insured your vehicle, you’ll need to register it to get it on the road.


Question: Will a cracked windshield pass inspection in Alberta?
Answer: If you have a cracked or otherwise damaged windshield, a police officer may issue a notice; an order to repair; a ticket and fine; or an order removing your vehicle from the road. The reason for this is Alberta’s regulations covering driver visibility.


Question: Do all vehicles need an out of province inspection in Alberta?
Answer: Any vehicle you bring into Alberta — whether you’re moving from another province or are importing from the States — needs an Out of Province Vehicle Inspection before you can register it. This must be done within 90 days of the date you became an Alberta resident.


Question: Can you register a vehicle in Alberta with an out of province license?
Answer: Proof of valid insurance. Must be in the name of the person(s) on the registration. If you do not have a valid Alberta license you must provide proof of Alberta Residency Documents (PDF) and provide a valid piece of government issued photo ID. Scans, emails or photocopies will not be accepted.

Question: Is it possible to renew my drivers licence if I am currently out of the province?
Answer: Please complete the “Remote Driver’s Licence/ID Card Application” which can be located on the Service Alberta website to renew your drivers license while you are outside of Alberta. You will need to provide the following documents (Via Email or Fax) – 1 Valid photo identification – Proof of legal presence in Canada (birth certificate, Canadian Passport, or immigration document) – Proof of Alberta address (with in the last 90days, Ex. Utility bill, pay-stub, mailed bank statements). Note* we can not accept electronic cell phone statements or electronic banking/credit card statements. Once the application and documents have been provided and reviewed we will send you a payment request via email for required licence renewal fees. Once the licence renewal is completed, we will then email you the interim license to be able to drive until you receive the permanent AB licence. When you return to Alberta, upon your next renewal date, you will need to supply the same type of documents listed above to re-enroll for the full licence term.


Question: I need to change the address on my Licence and registration- what do I need?
Answer: You simply just need to come in person with your current Alberta photo ID and we can make the change in our system to both your licence and registration. We can also make the change of address to your Alberta Health.


Question: If my licence expired 12 months ago, do I need to redo the knowledge test or drivers test? Or if I can renew it, what should I bring in?
Answer: From the date the Class licence expired, you have 3 years to renew the licence before you would require re-testing. You may renew your Class licence when it is less than 3 years since the expiry date. With a learners Class 7 licence experience, you must hold the licence for 365 days before you are eligible for a Class 5  road test. Even though your licence had expired, your learning history is still available, so the 1 year waiting period does not restart.

If a licence is expired more than 6 months, you will need to surrender the previous licence, provide proof of legal presence in Canada (such as Cdn Passport or Cdn Birth Certificate, or immigration document) and proof of residency (bank statement, paystub, lease agreement, or utility bill)


Question:  Do I need to make an appointment to write my learners exam?
Answer: There is no appointment necessary for the learner’s knowledge test. Please attend our office at least 1.5 hours before closing to allow ample time to complete the knowledge test. (Unfortunately we can not allow testing past this time frame)

ID requirements:

If you are over 18, please provide your Alberta Identification Card.

If you do not have the AB ID card, you must provide proof of your legal status in Canada (Canadian Birth Certificate or Passport or Immigration documents), a second piece of ID (Alberta Health Card) and proof of Alberta Residence dated within the last 90 days (A bill (i.e. energy, cable, phone, etc.), lease agreement, or pay stub)

If you are under 18, you must provide proof of your legal status in Canada (Canadian Birth Certificate or Passport or Immigration documents), and a second piece of ID (Alberta Health Card). Also, your parent or legal guardian, with their driver’s licence, must attend the office to sign consent for your knowledge test and to issue the driver’s licence.


Question: We would like to have automatic, annual driver abstracts pulled for each of our employees. We have roughly 20 + drivers. Would someone be able to assist me with this?
Answer: Driver’s abstracts for the employees are not available as an automatic service. Each request for an abstract must have a request letter from the company.If the company doesn’t have an AMVIR agreement set up with Data Access and Contract Management Unit (DACMU), you will need to need to apply for the agreement prior to requesting abstracts for your employees.

If you already have an AMVIR agreement or once it is set up, we can provide a template for a billing letter which you will complete on company letterhead and return to our office. The details on the billing letter will allow us to process the abstract requests. If at any time there are changes to any information on the billing letter (address, contacts, etc.), we will require an updated letter.

We may also provide an Abstract template for requesting abstracts. When completing the template, please print on company letterhead with an original signature. We are unable to accept abstract requests with a digital signature. The abstract template will need to be faxed or dropped off in person when requesting the abstracts.

The company AMVIR number must be place on each Abstract request. The PUAN is only required on the Billing letter. Please do not place the PUAN on the abstract request.To arrange for payment for the abstracts, we can send a payment link to pay be credit card. There will be an activation fee when payment is made by credit card. Or we may accept a cheque, payment is required when picking up the abstracts.


Question: My drivers licence expires soon, will I need a new picture?
Answer: A new licence photo is required every 4 years. The licence is usually issued for a 5 year term. In most cases, a new photo will be required at each renewal.


Question: Can you renew a driver’s licence or identification (ID) card online?
Answer: Yes, you can renew a driver’s licence and identification (ID) card online though your MyAlberta Digital ID. Renew your driver’s license or identification (ID) card here.


Question: My wallet was stolen or lost; all my ID was in there! How do I replace it?
Answer: We will need 1 piece of government issued ID, such as your AB Health card, birth certificate or passport. If you do not have any government ID, you may use two residency documents, recently dated within the last 90 days that has your name and address, such as lease agreement, original mailed bank or credit card statement, original mailed mobile phone bill, energy, or cable bill (can be electronic or mailed), pay stub, original CRA notice of assessment for your tax filing.

For birth certificate: If you were born outside of Alberta, you will need to contact Vital Statistics in the province where you were born. If you were born in Alberta, you will need a valid photo ID to order an Alberta birth certificate, you may return to our office when your new ID arrives.


Question: I am now a resident in another provice and would like to have my drivers abstract/history for the longest term possible. Is the maximum 10 years? What will I need to provide to get it and how will I receive it?
Answer: A 10 year driver’s abstract is the longest abstract available in Alberta. Being a resident of BC ( for example)  you have 2 options to obtain an Alberta Driver’s Abstract, listed below.

**Please note: The driver’s abstract does not show the individual’s driving experience or the date first licensed. If you are exchanging a driver’s licence from Alberta to another Province, you may need to request a confirmation letter. Please contact our office for more details.**

  • Driver’s Abstract Consent (providing consent to an individual in Alberta to request your abstract at a registry office):
  • Complete the “Driver’s Abstract Consent” form, with your original signature. Then email to our office at or to the person who you have provided consent, if they are able to print at home.
  • When your designated person visits our office, please ensure they have a valid AB licence or ID card. They will complete a “Statement of Intent” form in office, which accepts responsibility for your abstract. Your designated agent will pay the abstract fee and the original abstract will be released to your designated agent to provide to you.

Notarized Abstract Request (requesting an abstract by mail):  Complete the “Notarized Request for Personal Driving and Motor Vehicle Information” request, with your original signature. Please indicate you are requesting an abstract (3, 5 or 10 years and either SDA – regular driver’s abstract or CDA – commercial driver’s abstract). Please make a clear photocopy of your photo identification.

Please send us a self-addressed express post envelope, which can be purchased from Canada Post located at most Shopper’s Drug Mart locations.

Please mail to our office:

  1. Application
  2. Photocopy of your photo ID as indicated on the application
  3. Self-Addressed Express Post envelope
  4. Money order or a note indicating you would like the payment link sent for Visa or M/C payment.


Question: Does my licence transfer over from province to  province?
Answer: Your experience will transfer to Alberta when you apply for licensing.

When you are in Alberta to apply for the licence, please provide proof of your legal status in Canada (Canadian Birth Certificate or Canadian Passport or Immigration documents), a second piece of ID (Alberta Health Card) and proof of Alberta Residence dated within the last 90 days (A bill (energy, cable, phone, etc.), original mailed bank statement or credit card statement, pay stub, or lease agreement)

If your out of province licence is equivalent to our Alberta Class 7 (Learners Licence) , you should wait 10 days to complete your road test. The road test may be booked on our website. Please check out our road test scheduling page for more information.


Question: I have a friend in the Philippines, and she’s migrating to Calgary this coming June as an international student. She holds a non-professional drivers license in the Philippines (Class 5 non-GDL here in Alberta) and wishes to drive in Canada when she arrives here. I’m not quite sure what are the requirements for her case to have her driver’s license in Alberta. Does she have to surrender her Philippine driver’s license and have it assessed for a road test? Can she use her Philippine driver’s license to drive here in Alberta, and for how long? I would really appreciate it if you let me know what are the possible procedures she can take to get her Canadian driver’s license.
Answer: Your friend will be able to driver in Alberta for 3 months from the date that she arrives in Alberta. As soon as she wants to exchange the Philippines licence to an Alberta licence, the steps are as follows:

Step 1: Complete the Alberta Class 7 learner’s knowledge test.

The Alberta Driver’s Handbook is available online.

The identification documents required when completing the knowledge test:

  • Proof of legal status in Canada (Canadian passport or immigration document such as a valid Permanent Resident Card or out of country passport with work permit that is valid for at least 90 days before expiry date. If the work permit is not valid for 90 days on the date you request the knowledge test, please provide proof the work permit extension has been submitted to Canada Immigration or the letter from IRCC indicating the new expiry date.)
  • Secondary ID (AB health card)
  • Proof of Alberta residency (a document dated within the last 90 days – a utility bill, government statement, lease agreement, paystub or employment letter dated within the last 14 days)

Once you pass the Class 7 knowledge test, we will complete a vision exam – if you wear contacts or glasses, please have them with you.

Step 2: Surrender the Philippines licence.

After the knowledge test is completed, we will issue the Alberta Class 7 learner’s licence. To issue the Class 7 learner’s licence, we will use the same ID documents listed above. The fee to issue the Class 7 learner’s licence is between $28 – $93 depending on the term of licence being issued based on your legal status document.

The Philippines licence and the International Driver’s Permit (if applicable), will be surrendered to Alberta Special Investigations Unit (SIU). SIU will validate the licensing history in Philippines. The Philippines licence and International Driver’s Permit will not be returned to you.

Step 3: Complete the Road Test

Once SIU has credited your driving history from Philippines, you will be eligible for the road test.

  • If you are granted less than 2 years of driving credit, you will be eligible for the Class 5 basic road test. The Class 5 basic road test is $93.00. The Class 5 basic road test will give you the Class 5 (Graduated Driver’s Licence – GDL) licence. The Class 5 (GDL) licence is a probationary licence, which will have additional restrictions, such as zero alcohol tolerance, maximum 8 demerit points prior to receiving a suspension, and you cannot teach or supervise a Class 7 GDL driver.
  • If you are granted 2 or more years of driving credit, you may challenge the Class 5 advanced road test. The Class 5 advanced road test is $138.00. The Class 5 advanced road test will give you the Class 5 (non-GDL) licence.

Step 4: Obtain the Alberta Class 5 Licence

After you pass road test, we will reclass your Alberta Class 7 learner’s licence to the Class 5. You will only need to provide your current Alberta Class 7 licence, no additional ID is needed.

We will complete another vision exam once you pass your road test – if you wear contacts or glasses, please have them with you.


Question: Do I need a medical to renew my driver’s licence?
Answer:  Renewals must be done in person. Only residents of Alberta are eligible to renew. Anyone 75 years or older is required to submit a medical report and have their vision checked. Medical reports are also required for holders of Class 1, 2, and 4 licenses and for all licenses with a condition code “C” endorsement.

Question: How do I dissolve a business? The sole owner passed away and his business (corporation) died with him. No other partners in this business. I have no idea who I need to contact and let them know to remove that business from the registry?
Answer: You may dissolve a corporation if the owner has passed away at West-End Registries. You will need to supply your valid photo ID to dissolve a corporation, we would list you as an agent for the corporation for the person requesting the service.

We would change the sole director to inactive. The date that they passed away would be the director’s cessation date. We do not need a funeral statement or a death certificate.

With a corporate dissolution, a record keeper is required. The record keeper is a person who has been granted custody of the documents and records of a dissolved corporation.


Question: Is it possible to do a historic corporate search online? If so would the schedules and change documents be included?
Answer: The historical searches cannot be submitted online. You may submit the historical search by emailing our office, please include the information you are looking for. We will send you a payment request by email to process the credit card. Once paid we can process the historical search and email the results back to you.

For change documents, each filing has a separate document that may be ordered. Any corporate change, would be accessed as a historical search for each recorded change.

If you are going to be processing historical searches often, you can look at getting an account with our office. You would be billed monthly instead of paying for each service.


Question: I would like to obtain the constitution and bylaws, as well as annual reports for a non profit society. Is this something you can provide through the corporate search?
Answer: The Alberta Corporate Search will not include the bylaws or the annual reports for a society as these are microfilm document that may be ordered and supplied by AB Corporate Registries. The Corporate Search will include, registered and records address for the society, along with the name and address for the directors/shareholders.

We can order registration documents and annual reports for the society, the documents should be available in 24 – 48 hours.


Question:  Can you provide the steps to register an Alberta business name?
Answer: Registering a tradename or partnership, the Declaration of Tradename or Partnership forms are available on our website. Please check out our Corporate Registries page for additional information. We will need valid photo ID for the individual that is registering the business.


Question: What is the process to get a copy of a Corporate annual return?
Answer: You may request a copy of your corporate annual return filing. Any re-prints after 5 days of the service must be requested as a service print in the corporate registry system. There is a fee to reprint the annual return proof of filing.


Question: How do I find out who owns a corporation?
Answer: To locate the owner of a business, you may request a corporate search on our website. The corporate search results will be emailed to you.

The corporate search results will include:

  • Corporate name, Corporate Access Number, business number – if assigned, and legal entity status, registration date
  • Registered office address and records address
  • Email address, if recorded
  • Director’s name, address, and appointment date (as recorded on the Alberta Corporate Registry system)
  • Shareholder’s name, address, and percentage of voting shares (as recorded on the Alberta Corporate Registry system)
  • Articles of incorporation (additional article attachments may be available upon request)
  • Filing history


Question: How do I know when my annual return is due? How do I file it?
Answer: The annual return is due each year during the anniversary month of the incorporation date. A reminder email may be sent to the corporation approximately 2 weeks prior to the anniversary month. If the email is not received, you are still required to file the annual return.

You may file your annual return on our website. Once the annual return is submitted online with payment, the proof of filing will be emailed to you.


Question: What is the difference between a tradename registration and an incorporation?
Answer: The trade name is the simplest form of a business organization. The proprietor assumes all responsibilities for the business including financing, operation, taxes, and accepts all profits or losses. If the business fails, the owner must assume total liability. This means all assets, whether business or personal, can be legally taken and used to discharge the liability.


  • Organization can be informal and flexible.
  • Easy to start and affordable.


  • Profits are personally taxable.
  • The company ends with the death of the proprietor.
  • Personally liable for all debts and judgments against the business.
  • Filing a declaration does not give any right of ownership of the name.

The incorporation is a separate legal entity from the directors or shareholders within the corporation. There will be a separate tax filing for the corporation, separate from the directors or shareholders within the corporation.


  • Limited liability – The limited company forms a distinct legal entity apart from the owners. Therefore, no shareholder of the company can be held personally liable for the debts, obligations or acts of the company. The liability of a shareholder is limited to the value of that shareholders shares.
  • Ownership of a limited company is easily transferred by the selling of shares, without upsetting the management of the business.
  • No other limited company can use the exact same name.
  • The life of the limited company does not end with the death of a shareholder.


  • Costs are higher when incorporating and additional records are required.
  • Annual returns must be filed yearly to keep the company active.

*When deciding on what type of business you should register, we are unable to provide legal advice. We recommend that you consult with a lawyer or an accountant. *


Question: How can I determine if a name is available for a new corporation?
Answer: We can process a NUANS search for your proposed corporation. The NUANS will reserve your name for 90 days to provide time to incorporate the business. When you are ready to incorporate, we can also complete the incorporation for you.


Question: I’m looking to file my Corporate Annual Return form for a number Alberta corporation. Where can I get the form?
Answer: The annual return form can be located and submitted on our website. Please check our online annual return page for additional information.


Question: What is the process to Register a Trade Name? After it is registered how can I do a Trade Name search on it?
Answer: To register a trade name, you can complete the Trade Name Application form. You may submit it in person or by email with a clear photocopy of your valid photo ID. There will be a fee to register the trade name. Once we receive the application, we will send you a payment link to register the trade name.

You may request a Trade Name Search to get details on an existing business.


Question: I would like to do a corporate name search for a proposed Alberta professional corporation. Can you explain the process?
Answer: We can process a corporate name search – NUANS, for your proposed professional corporation. The NUANS will reserve your corporate name for 90 days to provide time to incorporate the business.

With a professional corporation, there are additional requirements with your professional governing body. In most professions, the articles of incorporation must be endorsed by the Alberta governing body.

Alberta governing bodies:

  • chartered professional accounting – Chartered Professional Accountants of Alberta
  • chiropractic – The Alberta College and Association of Chiropractors
  • dentistry – The Alberta Dental Association and College
  • law – Law Society of Alberta
  • medicine – College of Physicians and Surgeons of the Province of Alberta
  • optometry – The Alberta College of Optometrists


Question: What is involved in completing a corporate name change?
Answer: An active corporation currently registered in Alberta may complete a name change at our office. We would request a NUANS (corporate name search) for the proposed corporate name, which will hold the proposed name for 90 days. Then complete the Corporate Name Amendment. We will require valid photo identification for the corporation’s authorized representative. The corporation will receive a certificate of amendment and a registration statement for the new corporate name.

Question: I just moved to Canada. I wanted to get an Alberta ID and healthcare card. Can you please tell me what documents she needs to get for both these things?
Answer: The documents for the AB health card and AB ID are very similar.

  • To apply for the AB health, if you have current coverage in Alberta, your spouse/children under 18 will be added to your health care account. Please provide your photo ID and AB health Card.
  • Individually- provide photo ID and legal status in Canada (Canadian Passport, Birth Certificate, or immigration document). There is no charge for AB health services.

To apply for the AB identification card, provide photo ID, legal status in Canada (Canadian Passport, Canadian Birth Certificate, or immigration document), and proof of Alberta residency (a document dated within the last 90 days – a utility bill, government statement, lease agreement, paystub or employment letter dated within the last 14 days).


Question: How can I get a replacement Ab Health Care card?
Answer: You may visit our offices in person to request a replacement AB health card. Please provide 1 piece of valid photo ID. There is no fee to replace the health card, unless you have had 5 health cards issued to you. If you have had 5 cards or more, you will need to complete a statutory declaration.

**Alternatively, you may call Alberta Health directly by phone @ 780-427-1432 to request a replacement AB health card.**


Question: I need to change my last name due to marriage on my Alberta health care card. When can I expect the replacement Alberta health card?
Answer: We are able to change the name on your AB health card within 2 business days of receiving your application. The new AB Health card will be mailed to your home address in approximately 2 weeks. If you are changing your last name due to marriage, your spouse and yourself must be on the same AB health care account, there is an application that needs to be completed by both parties. Then we would require the original marriage certificate and valid photo identification.

Question:  Can you advise what I need to do to add a name to my Land title?
Answer: The transfer of land form is located on the Service Alberta website. The forms will be completed and submitted directly to Land Titles office.


Question:  I need to do a title search but do not have the address of the property. I have the names of the owners. Are you able to help me find this information?
Answer:  Unfortunately, Registry Agents do not have the ability to search the land titles system in Alberta by name – we can only search by address or legal description. The name search facility is available directly from the Land Titles Office in Calgary or in Edmonton, but these search requests are limited to individuals who meet certain criteria legislated in the Land Titles Name Search Regulations established by the Land Titles Act. The name search will search land titles by owner’s name and documents by names listed on the interests. If you are eligible based on one of the criteria listed in the Appendix, an application for name search would need to be completed and submitted to the Land Titles Office with appropriate supporting documentation.

*We are unable to provide this service as an agent, please contact Land Titles office.*

Question:  Do you have marriage licence services and birth certificate service at your registry office?
Answer: Country Hills Plates can provide the marriage licence. You can obtain our Marriage Licence Information form on our website.

Both partners must attend the registry office in person, be 18 years of age or older, and provide valid photo ID and proof of marital status.

For birth certificates either parent or guardian can a fill out the application and must provide valid photo ID.

Question: I paid for a registry search, and it did not provide any results for my vin. Can I please get my money refunded?
Answer: The purpose of the lien search is to locate if there are funds or interest in the serial or general collateral being searched. As there are no exact matches indicated on page 1 of your search result, this confirms there are no liens registered in Alberta against the VIN you have searched.

The inexact matches that are listed on page 2-4 of your lien search. The inexact matches have a similar VIN number in the last 4-6 digits of the VIN you have searched. The VINs listed on page 2-4 do have liens registered in Alberta.

If you want to purchase the vehicle identified by the VIN being searched, no exact matches is a positive result. “No results” indicates there is no lien registered in Alberta again the VIN searched. If there are “inexact” matches found, these are similar VINs that do have liens registered in Alberta.

Question: Do you have a Commissioner of Oaths on staff?
Answer: We do have a commissioner for oaths that may sign documents that are staying in the Province of Alberta. The commissioner for oaths is available during regular business hours.

Please provide valid photo identification for any individual that will be signing the document with the commissioner for oaths. If a witness is required to sign the statutory declaration or affidavit, the witness must be personally known to the applicant/deponent.

*Note: Unfortunately, we are not able to notarize or certify a document.


Question: I just recently got married and I want to assume my spouse’s last name. What are the steps or requirements to do so and how much is the cost?
Answer: You can change your driver’s licence or ID card, your vehicle registration, and Alberta health card at our location. Please supply your original marriage certificate and your Alberta driver’s licence or ID card.

For AB Health, you and your spouse must be on the same account in order to change your name. If you are unsure if you are on the same account, please complete the AB Health Care “addition” form. If you just need to change your last name, please complete the AB Health Care “update” form.


To find the following forms, please use the Government of Alberta site:

  • Court Order, Other Changes and Additional Information
  • Debtor / Secured Party Additions
  • Debtor / Secured Party Deletions
  • Financing Statement
  • Financing Change Statement
  • Garage Keepers' Lien Financing Statement
  • General Collateral Additions
  • General Collateral Deletions
  • Global Financing Change Statement
  • Search Request for Expired / Discharged Registration Number(s)
  • Serial Number Goods Additions