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Name search when Incorporating

A NUANS Report is a cross-Canada comparison of the name that you want to use for your company with all active companies in Canada using similar names. The report will not say whether a name is available or not – it will just let you know if the name is not recommended or confusingly similar to another company’s name.

When is a NUANS Report required?

A NUANS Report is mandatory for incorporating a new named company or reviving a named company that has been struck for over 3 years.

When is a NUANS Report recommended?

Consider a NUANS Report before registering a Trade Name, Sole Proprietorship, or Partnership to ensure the chosen name was not in use when you began doing business. Although it does not provide legal protection, it can be useful if someone takes action against your business in the future for using a name registered as a Corporation or Trade Mark.

How to choose a good name?

A strong company name should be meaningful to your target audience, convey a positive image, identify your company, and describe its services. Your company name must contain an Identifying Element, Descriptive Element, and Legal Element as required by the Alberta Business Corporations Act.

Do I need a NUANS Report even if I did a web domain search?

Yes, a NUANS Report is still necessary. Web domain searches only determine domain availability, not legal name registration. It’s a good idea to conduct an internet search for name popularity or existing use in Alberta. Once you find a viable domain name, visit us for a NUANS Report to confirm the name’s availability and recommendation.

What information does the NUANS Report include?

The NUANS Report consists of 7 pages, providing details on the proposed name’s availability and suitability.

How many names can I include in the NUANS search?

You can submit up to three names for pre-search. Provide the names in order of preference. If the pre-search indicates a viable first choice, we will run the actual NUANS Report for that name. However, if direct hits are found during pre-search, we move to the second name. Please note that if a pre-search is viable but the NUANS Report reveals confusing similarity to an existing name, we will charge for the report and guide you towards an alternate name option at reduced pricing.