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Alberta Incorporation

Incorporate Your Company in Alberta Today!

Congratulations on starting your own business! Incorporating offers numerous advantages, including limiting personal liability and attracting potential investors. If you're unsure about choosing between a Named Company and a Numbered Company, rask one of our cores certified registry agents.

To incorporate a Named Company, you’ll need a current NUANS Report, If you already have a Numbered Company and want to switch to a Named Company, you’ll require a NUANS Report and pay a fee for the Amendment of Incorporated Name.

Incorporating a business in Alberta creates a new legal entity and allows for flexibility in revenue distribution. Shareholders play a vital role as owners of the corporation, contributing to decision-making and benefiting from its success based on the share structure.

Country Hills Plates offers the best value for incorporating a business in Calgary, Alberta. Additionally, we recommend purchasing a Legalease Kit- Basic , deluxe or premium to maintain essential corporate records.

To get started, visit our office: Complete the required forms – Articles of Incorporation, Notice of Address, and Notice of Directors – and we can usually complete the incorporation during your visit with the certified Cores agent -It’s that simple! Let us help you make your business dreams a reality.