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Registering when out of Province status

& Salvage Vehicle Registration

When it comes to bringing a vehicle from another province into Alberta or dealing with a salvage status, Country Hills Plates Registry has got you covered. Here's what you need to know to get your vehicle registered hassle-free.

Out of Province Vehicles:

If you’re bringing a vehicle from another province and want to register it in Alberta, visit our office for a seamless process. We’ll input your vehicle into the motor vehicle database and provide you with an Out of Province Inspection form that you will need to get a an inspection from a qualified mechanic.

Salvage Vehicles:

If you own or purchased a vehicle with salvage status on the motor vehicle database, come to our office for a Salvage Inspection Form. The form needed will be printed with your vehicle’s VIN.

OOP & Salvage Inspections:

Take your Out of Province or Salvage vehicle, along with the inspection form, to a certified mechanic for inspection. Ensure to get the inspection completed within 2 weeks, as it’s only valid for 14 days.

Register Your OOP or Salvage Vehicle:

Once your vehicle passes the inspection, return to our office with the inspection certificate, valid insurance, proof of ownership, and your driver’s license. We’ll handle the vehicle registration process for you.

Assigned VIN:

For vehicles without a VIN, we offer the Assigned VIN Program, administered by the VIN Verification Services Corporation. (link:

Country Hills Plates Registry is your go-to destination for smooth and efficient Out of Province and Salvage vehicle registrations in Alberta. Contact us today for all your vehicle registration needs!