Welcome to Country Hills Plates Registry, where we congratulate you on the purchase of your new vehicle in Alberta. Whether your vehicle is brand new or from another province, we've got you covered for the registration process.

If your vehicle is brand new, you’ll need to provide a New Vehicle Information Statement (NVIS), which acts as a birth certificate for your vehicle and allows us to register it without a mechanic’s inspection. Alongside the NVIS, please present proof of insurance and ownership (Bill of Sale).

For vehicles from out of province, check our Out of Province or Salvage page for details on the registration process.

To complete the registration, you’ll need ownership documentation like a Bill of Sale or Lease papers. If the vehicle was previously leased, you might need a lien search or a letter from the leasing company. Don’t forget to bring proof of insurance valid for the day of registration.

For commercial vehicles used to transport goods, tools, or passengers for hire, a Commercial Plate is required. Visit our Commercial Vehicles page for specific registration information.

Country Hills Plates Registry is here to ensure a smooth and efficient registration process for your vehicle. Feel free to contact us at or call 403-531-6575 with any questions or to send your paperwork. We’re ready to assist you with all your vehicle registration needs in Alberta!

PLATES would like to remind you that, under Alberta law, all vehicles being operated or parked on public roads or public property must be registered and insured. This includes off-highway vehicles such as dirt bikes, snowmobiles, and all-terrain vehicles. With very few exceptions, persons applying for registration, transfer or renewal must provide proof of insurance and ownership before license plates or a renewal decal can be issued.

NOTE: Policies for registration of vehicles from outside of Alberta, are detailed under Out-of-Province.

Please note: If you have sold your vehicle and do NOT intend to replace it, you can apply for a refund (pro-rated) of the time left until the license plate expiry date. The bottom line is, for passenger plates, you need four or more months left before expiry to make it worth your while — due to processing and cancellation fees — and the refund is mailed out from Edmonton.

For more information, please contact us at 403-531-6575 or send us an e-mail here.

As a service to our customers, you can download PDF Bill Of Sale forms here, and Out of Province forms here.