We welcome your business account and will try to accommodate any special processing requirements you have. Our standard terms and conditions are outlined below.

Typically, accounts are set up to facilitate ongoing, repetitive processing of Land Titles Searches, Lien Searches & Registrations and Corporate Registry transactions, including NUANS Searches, Annual Returns, Amendments, and the establishment of Proprietorships, Partnerships and Corporations.

Please note that Motor Vehicles transactions (other than Searches, Abstracts and Vehicle Information Reports) are not included — see below.

Certain types of transactions may require you to complete a government authorization process. That normally involves completing statements regarding disclosure of confidential information.

Statements are prepared monthly and balances are due and payable immediately upon receipt.

Your monthly transaction volume must exceed $100, exclusive of Incorporations, to qualify for monthly billing. If your volumes are ‘borderline’ and fluctuates somewhat by month, a minimum $10 administration fee may be levied for any months where services are under $100. For legitimate businesses with ongoing transaction volumes that are below our minimums, please contact our Manager for details on pre-payment options.

Some smaller offices, such as Realtors or Lawyers, may have a number of people operating more or less independently. If collectively they would meet our minimum account requirements, we can establish one billing account for your office. If needed, we can have unique individual logins for each person using our web site. We provide a “Your Reference” field on our forms, both printed and online, for you to use as you wish. Our invoices and statements include your reference data by line item, to assist in your reconciliation of the account. At your office level, we cannot become involved with disputes over who owes what–one account, one cheque, please.

Except as previously noted, the rule governing our account policy is:

** We do not run monthly billed accounts for
Motor Vehicles transactions. **

The Government of Alberta requires that we remit Motor Vehicles revenue on a daily basis, therefore we need payment at the time of service. However, for commercial fleets and other large transaction bundles, we can accept your processing as follows:

When your renewals are ready to go, call us to verify you have everything we will need to process them. If convenient, drop them by, or we can schedule a pickup. If you are outside of Calgary we can arrange something with you at this time.

We will process the renewals and call you to verify the total amount owing.

Arrange for a cheque to be made up in that amount. Cheques over $10,000.00 must be certified. This is a Government requirement, not ours. Sorry.

When your cheque is ready, we can coordinate a delivery or you can stop by and pick up your renewals.

You may also arrange to make an online funds transfer.

As mentioned, we will try our best to accomodate any special processing requirements you may have. Depending on your type of business and style of operation, requests may be submitted verbally over the phone, by fax or mail or via our corporate web site.

We look forward to receiving your account application. We know you will be delighted with our staff and service.