Out of Province Driver’s Licence

If you’re relocating to Alberta, you will need to exchange your out-of-province licence for an Alberta one within 90 days of arrival. You’ll be required to surrender your current licence, as holding multiple ones is unlawful. Make sure to provide documents confirming your legal status in Canada and residency in Alberta. Also, settle any outstanding fines or restrictions on your license before the exchange. This process guarantees you’re legal to drive on Alberta roads.

All About Alberta Driver Abstracts

If you’re looking to access your Alberta Driver Abstract, you can effortlessly do so online via a verified MyAlberta Digital ID (MADI) account. You can create this account for free and once it’s verified, you’ll have unlimited access to your driving records. You’ll need to choose between a Standard Driver Abstract (SDA) or a Commercial Driver Abstract (CDA), depending on your needs. You can also specify the duration of the abstract, whether it be 3, 5 or 10 years. This detailed document provides important information about your driving record, including any convictions, suspensions, and demerit points you’ve accumulated. Remember, accessing your driver abstract is a key step in maintaining awareness of your driving record and ensuring you are in good standing.

Abstract Printing

Did you know you can visit Country Hills Plates in person to get your driving abstract printed instantly? This saves you time and guarantees accurate information about your driving history.

Just follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Country Hills Plates office with an acceptable form of ID.
  2. Request an abstract printout at the counter.
  3. Pay the applicable fee.

Within minutes, you’ll have your driving abstract in hand. It’s as simple as that! Remember, the abstract contains sensitive information, including any convictions or suspensions, so handle it with care.

Steps for an Alberta Drivers Licence Renewal

If you’re between 18 and 75, an Alberta resident, and your licence isn’t expired beyond six months, you can renew online. You’ll need a verified My Alberta ID account for this. If you don’t meet these criteria, don’t fret. You can visit our registry office in Northeast Calgary for your renewal. Be aware though, any restrictions on your account could affect the renewal. Also, remember, it’s your responsibility to renew your licence even if you don’t receive a reminder in the mail. Don’t let it slip if you want to keep up to date with your driving privileges.

Preparing for Knowledge Tests

Here are some key steps to aid your preparation:

  1. Study the Driver’s Guide: This thorough resource is your blueprint for the knowledge test. It covers all the rules, signs, and laws you’ll be tested on.
  2. Take Practice Exams: There are several online platforms offering practice tests. Consistent practice will help familiarize you with the structure and style of the real test.
  3. Rest and Relax: Make sure you’re well-rested and relaxed before the test. Anxiety can hinder your performance.

Country Hills is Your One-Stop Registry

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