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The Personal Property System of Alberta (PPSA)

Plays a crucial role in the province by overseeing the registration and monitoring of liens and encumbrances on properties belonging to individuals or businesses, excluding real estate or land, which falls under the jurisdiction of Land Titles. The system facilitates searches using either the serial number or the name of an individual or business.

For consumers:  a common application of PPSA is evident in the context of purchasing a used automobile. A Lien Search is a typical consumer example, but for a more comprehensive examination, individuals can opt for a Vehicle Information Report (VIR). Despite its sophistication, the VIR, if it indicates the presence of a lien, only signals its existence. In such instances, a prudent step would involve conducting a more detailed Lien Search to obtain specific details about the lien in question.

Importantly, PPSA  information is inherently non-confidential, implying that the details regarding liens and encumbrances are accessible to the public. This transparency aligns with the system’s purpose of ensuring transparency and clarity in property transactions within the province.

The PPSA utilizes various forms to facilitate different aspects of its operations, such as court orders, other changes, and additional information. These forms include provisions for debtor and secured party additions or deletions, financing statements, changes in financing, garage keepers’ lien financing statements, general collateral additions or deletions, and global financing change statements.

Additionally, there are specific forms designed for searching expired or discharged registration numbers, as well as those dedicated to serial number goods additions. These forms collectively contribute to the effectiveness of the PPSA in maintaining a comprehensive and accessible record of property-related information in Alberta.

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